Hi, my name is Jan-Hendrik Peters but most people will know me as Henner. I am a software developer from Berlin, Germany working at idealo at the moment.

I enjoy rowing, climbing and of course writing software or help maintaining it.

Below you will find some things I did so far.


Mostly technical notes for myself to remember but probably they will help someone else, too.

marabou audio tagger

I wrote a cross-platform audio tagger in Java which is similar to mp3tag.


I co-maintain this Java ID3 tagging library.

wine app maintenance

I maintain some apps for wine; building and testing new releases, regression testing, bug reports. If you use wine, you should consider doing the same!

debian package for flare

I initially packaged flare (a Diablo like game) for debian and maintained it for a while.


I was one of the initiators of this FSFE campaign which we started to push free PDF readers and open standards.


If you want to communicate in private with me please fetch my PGP key and mail me at h……@hennr.name